The Aquasplash story began in 2015. It was not a big budget beginning. We started small with 15ltr jars, but we were not slow. We quickly moved on to PET bottles and now cater to both bottled water and custom labelled bottled water sectors. The rest as they say is history.

Being the result of an unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit, at Aquasplash, we know what businesses need, and we understand the requirements of our customers, be it individuals or companies.For us it is about relationships. Having grown from strength to strength, we understand the power of passion. Our team has now and now consistes of young talent with fresh ideas and even industry experts who treat our client’s orders with uptmost attention to detail and care.

Being in business ourselves we know that staying relevant requires making a lasting impression. We help brands and individuals do so by serving them with customer service that goes beyond the call of duty, un-matched quality and pricing, expedited orders, and nation-wide delivery.

We always encourage our customer to question the status-quo and disrupt the ‘business-as-usual’ approach. We believe in adding life to your message, be it a brand or even a special event, we will help you create exceptional recall through high-quality custom labelled bottled water.

So let us know, how we can help you create an impactful wave with your message. Get in touch, we’ve got your back!