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At Aquasplaash, we use the most fluid medium to tell brilliant stories through stunning visuals on custom designed water bottles. Water has been seen as a potent force for positive change across cultures since the dawn of time. We leverage this fluid medium to help our customers increase their profitability through innovative bottled water branding in form of  custom water bottle labels with pure drinking water that will leave long lasting impact . Our solution is perfect for businesses, events and even individuals.

Owners that are looking for creative marketing while trying to make every penny contribute to the growth of their brand, agencies looking to create a lasting impact, and even families looking to create personalized memories will love our custom water bottle labels, personalized and custom designed to tell your story.

Customer-Centric. High-Quality. Customised.

Our core principles have taught us to value relations forged through extraordinary services that our team delivers consistently. We do what we do to increase our customer’s profit, give a priceless personal touch to their events, and empower their business to deliver impeccable experiences.

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Our Personalized Bottled Water + Your Message = Exceptional Memories

Every business owner is looking for three things- profits, growth and positive recall. We help you achieve all three through aesthetic units with customised logo water bottles

Create touch pts with customers
Once an individual takes home a bottle rest assured that they’ll look at the custom bottle multiple time. Every sip will then speak of your success.
Boost revenue by 35%
With increased recall comes heightened profitability. We don’t just help you brand, we help you create brand advocates. Our custom bottles with your message will create long lasting impact.
Increase profits by 45%
Custom water bottles have been great for businesses and individuals. If you’ve got a message, our bottles can create the right impact with custom printed bottled water.
Custom design water bottles labels
On time, every time
Once you place your order, our teams get cracking to make your project successful without any delays. We’re not only on time but also assure door-step delivery.
Purity in Every Drop
Every drop of water that we deliver is of the finest quality and goes through multiple rounds of purification and hygiene treatments.
Stunning Personalized Bottled Water Labels
Our creative teams are equipped to turn your ideas into customized masterpieces that are visually appealing. Every bottle we deliver is a piece of art that your audience will cherish.
Purity, with Your Brand’s Message is Everything.
Each and every unit of bottled water with personalised bottle logo from Aquasplaash is of the highest quality. The drinking water we use goes through multi-stage sand and carbon purification process, followed by RO, Ozonation, and UV treatments in our microfilters. Therefore the result is nothing but the purest unit of drinking water logo, customised to quench the thirst of both, your customers and your brand.

Sediment Filtration

Sediment Filtration

Sediment Filtration

Sediment Filtration

Sediment Filtration

My team discovered Aquasplaash last year. And we are happy to say that we have achieved the lowest cost per unit on customised bottled water. The water is pure, the labels are stunning and service is truly top-notch.
KrishnaOur Customer
We found out that 20% of our water ends up in our customer’s homes. It’s a great way to increase profits, push growth, and enhance the brand recall too.
SurajOur Customer
We found out that 20% of our water ends up in our customer’s homes. It’s a great way to increase profits, push growth, and enhance the brand recall too
ManjunathOur Customer

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